Every Sunday our church family recites the following creed together as a means of Grace in teaching and edifying one another of the Glory of God in providing salvation to men:

The Gospel is the joyous declaration that God is redeeming the world through Jesus Christ, and that he calls everyone everywhere to repent from sin and trust Jesus Christ for salvation.

Through the message of the Gospel, we come to understand that everyone has sinned against God, breaking His law and rebelling against His rule, and, as guilty, deserve the penalty for sin, which is death and eternal hell.

But God, because of His love, sent His Son, Jesus, separate from and yet fully God, to live a perfect and righteous life and to die on the cross and shed His blood as the perfect sacrifice, becoming qualified to satisfy the wrath of a holy God on behalf of the sinner.

On the third day, Jesus rose bodily from the grave and now reigns from heaven, offering forgiveness, righteousness, resurrection and eternal life in God’s presence to everyone who responds to the work of God’s grace in their heart and, through faith in the sufficient sacrifice of Jesus, repents of sin and trusts solely in Jesus for salvation.

The work of the Holy Spirit, who is also separate from and yet fully God, is to bring conviction of sin and, upon salvation, both seals the believer as the possession of Christ and is the divine deposit towards eternal life, indwelling every believer until death, when their soul will be immediately ushered into the presence of God.

The physical body will also be glorified, when it is resurrected from the grave and united with the soul in heaven, when the Lord physically returns to gather both the dead and the living who have put their faith in him.

Furthermore, the Gospel, through the work of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, initiates at salvation the process of the believer being consistently conformed to the image of God, and will not cease to change a person until they are at rest in their future home.